Guide On Cockroach Behavior For Effective Prevention And Control

Cockroaches are perhaps the biggest pest problem across Canada and primarily the Greater Toronto Area. Statistics show that “about a large number of occupied housing units in Canada reported seeing roaches in the last 12 months.

Being a leading pest control company in Toronto and GTA, we understand that 

Ignoring cockroach intervention in your home or commercial spaces can increase the risk of contracting health hazard diseases like diarrhoea and cause salmonella, staphylococcus, and streptococcus infections.

If you want to protect your family & loved ones and are wondering how to get rid of cockroaches, here is a detailed behavioural guide for you. It will help you understand cockroach behaviour in detail for effective prevention and cockroach control.


Understanding The Cockroach Behavior

One of the prominent ways to invite cockroaches to your place is an unhygienic environment. It is advisable to keep the surface clean to avoid the crawling of insects over other areas. On average, the lifespan of a cockroach is approximately one year. So, once it enters the place it will remain for a long while and multiply very fast. Here are some of the common reasons:

  • Accumulation of dirty water in kitchen area stored in the sink 
  • Crums over the floor and furniture
  • Grease and food crumbs in Kitchen and kitchen appliances
  • Storage of garbage for a longer while 
  • Leftover food items on the verge of fermenting in containers and cans
  • The messy garden area remains dirty for weeks or more

These are common practices we follow at home or in commercial places. Dirty food & moist are the two possible reasons to make entry easier for cockroaches. The best approach should be to follow hygiene and go through all the checklists. Regular sanitization and cleaning can help in spreading the infections. 

How Does Cockroach Affect Health? 

Cockroaches are one of the common insects to find at home or in office spaces. It can transmit high amounts of bacteria and infection to our food area giving birth to several diseases. Let’s look at how cockroaches can affect human life:

  • Contamination: Cockroaches crawl over dirty areas like the sink, fermented food, and smelly water.  They can contaminate fresh food and water kept in isolated areas, once they cross over the place their dead skin is left behind.
  • Digestive Issues: Consuming contaminated food can lead to minor to severe digestion complications. Germs and bacteria can adversely affect the saliva and fluid entering the body.
  • Allergies: Cockroaches come with allergies due to their saliva secretion and the presence of hundreds of allergens. It can leave symptoms like skin rashes & irritation, watery eyes and sneezing.
  • Asthma: Anyone suffering from asthma can have a worse effect due to cockroach infections.  It can trigger more allergies to increase the intensity of suffering. 
  • Cockroach Bites: Although instances of cockroach bites are rare, it can still create skin wounds.

To prevent from above-mentioned health conditions, adopting the best cockroach control measures is the ultimate hack. Also, follow the basic cleanliness to keep the environment free from harmful insects like cockroaches. In case of any symptoms, visit your doctor & specialist for immediate support. 

What’s Next? How To Get Rid of Cockroaches Smartly?

Common Practices for Cockroach Control 

To bust questions like how to get rid of cockroaches, the practice of cockroach control comes into the limelight. From traditional times, people have used multiple ways to get rid of infectious insects like cockroaches. However, the method varies for residential and commercial spaces depending on the factors like space, use and time spent. 

Here is the list of common methods for cockroach prevention:

  • Active Cleaning of prone areas: Sometimes, cockroaches enter the place unnoticed areas like under the sink, cabinet crevices, closet doors, and bathroom cabinets. Using the flashlight and glue strips, people locate the area and sanitise it properly to get rid of the insects.
  • Use of Caulks: Narrow gap areas and holes are like a home for cockroaches, caulks can help in restricting entry. It is a type of flexible material used for sealing cracks and gaps. 
  • Gel & Bait Stations: Gel bait comes in the form of a liquid tube that fills the gaps and crevices. Bait stations work differently where cockroaches visit the station, feed the poison and spread it to other insects. 
  • Boric Acid Powder: It is a chemical prepared by mixing boron and water together. It is advisable to handle the Boric acid with care and keep it away from pets and kids. The powder is less toxic for adults, however, for cockroach prevention it works effectively. 

Pest Control Companies

For commercial and big complexes, following these common practices will not be a feasible solution. So, how to get rid of cockroaches in commercial spaces? Hiring a pest control company covers all the required actions and helps in cockroach prevention. These pest controls can assist in avoiding other insects that can cause harm to human health like flies and mosquitos. These companies come with a full-force team that takes charge of covering big spaces. 

Experience and a trained team are well-versed in solving the issue permanently within a short span of time. Harmful pests like cockroaches are stubborn to leave the places, so companies use effective ways for cockroach prevention.

Maple Pest Control: Best Choice for Cockroach Prevention!

No matter how much avoiding approaches for insects like Cockroaches, places can fall into the trap of infection.  Maple Pest Control is one of the leading companies across GTA or the Greater Toronto Area to help business space get rid of cockroaches and other insects. With an array of services, the team provides high-quality management to keep control over infections. 

Maple Pest Control is a well-known company that delivers customer satisfaction, advanced equipment, eco-friendly products, licensed exterminators, and same-day services. The services can be availed for the locations of  Mississauga, Concord, Markham, Etobicoke, GTA, Aurora, North York, Brampton, and Toronto. Visit the website to learn more about cockroach prevention!

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