Bed Bug Removal in Toronto & GTA

Bed Bug Control in Toronto & GTA

Bed Bug Removal in TorontoDid you see redness or rashes on your body every morning? Do you suspect bed bug Control Brampton in your home? If yes, then you have come to the right place. At Maple Pest Control, we know the best techniques to exterminate bed bugs and their eggs completely. They are generally found in the bedding, wall cracks, switch sockets, furniture, and any other corner of the room. They feed on human blood and come out at night.

Bed bugs often create a nuisance so it is advisable to take strict action against them as soon as you find them. At Maple Pest Control, we are a leading bed bug extermination company in GTA. We are known for delivering effective pest control solutions at affordable prices in Toronto, Vaughan, Mississauga, Richmond Hill and surrounding areas. For the past many years, we have been serving both our residential and commercial clients with our high quality solutions. With us, you can rest assured, your property is in safe and professional hands.

Signs of Bed Bug Control Brampton

It is very easy to determine whether or not you have infestation in your home. If you constantly wake up with rashes, bite marks and itches all over your body, it is a sure sign of bed bug infestation. Some other potential signs include:

  • Dried blood stains on bedding or pillowcases.
  • Pungent odor coming from the scent gland of bugs.
  • Bed bug droppings on mattresses, clothes & floor.
  • Skin sheds or egg cases in the wall crevices/cracks./li>

What Makes Us Different From Others?

Maple Pest Control provides effective and long-lasting solutions to eradicate these pesky pests. Our team consists of pest management experts who use effective bed bug heat treatment to kill all bugs and their eggs. We strive for delivering 100% customer satisfaction and we can go the extra mile to achieve this. Here are some more reasons to choose us:

  • We serve both our residential and commercial clients with specialized treatments.
  • We are committed to delivering high quality solutions at affordable prices. There won’t be any hidden costs, we promise.
  • We utilize safe and effective products that eradicate bed bugs without causing any harm to your family, pets and property.
  • More energy-efficient cooling
  • Lower cooling costs
  • More consistent temperatures
  • Fewer air conditioner repairs
  • Better indoor air quality
  • More dependable indoor comfort

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