How To Get Rid Of Centipedes: 8 Most Effective Ways

how to get rid of Centipedes

Do you have a centipede infestation in your home? Well, you are not alone because centipedes are the most common pest problem, not just in Canada but in many parts of North America. Bites from centipedes can cause severe allergic infections, which may require immediate medical attention. However, these allergic reactions are quite rare. Also, the symptoms of a centipede bite, like localized pain, swelling, redness, etc., will disappear within a few hours or days.  Centipedes may not sound much of harm, but having a centipede infestation cannot be ignored.

Before diving into the 8 effective methods on “how to get rid of centipedes,” let’s first understand how to identify centipedes, as they are not the only members of the arthropod family with many legs. 

About Centipedes: Identification & Common Causes

One common characteristic for identifying centipedes is their pairs of legs, which is not a rare characteristic in the Arthropod family. Millipedes also have many pairs of legs, like centipedes, but their anatomy differs. 

It is important to know their anatomical structure before understanding how to get rid of centipedes. In centipedes, you can see the eyes, mouthparts, and their forcipules, as well as the pincers that inject poison into their insect prey so they can feast, which sets them apart from other arthropods. 

Common Causes Of Centipedes

Before considering how to get rid of centipedes, it is better that you eliminate the causes of centipedes itself. Below are some causes of centipedes:

Availability of food sources: Centipedes feast on other bugs, such as bedbugs, roaches, etc. By eliminating these food sources, you can eliminate the possibility of centipedes. You can use professional services such as Maple Pest’s bed bug extermination services to eliminate these sources.  

Damp areas and high humidity: Damp and humid areas are another breeding ground for centipedes, as they require a lot of moisture to survive. Poorly ventilated areas and basements are the prime locations for their infestations. 

Entry points and gaps: The best advice on how to get rid of centipedes is to fill up all the cracks and crevices in your home. These small openings are the entry point for the centipedes to enter your home.

8 Ways To Eliminate Centipedes Infestation From Your Home

Centipedes are surely unwanted guests that you don’t want in your house, but using harsh methods to exterminate them is not a good idea. Below, we mentioned some of least harsh methods to get rid of centipedes:

#1 Run A Dehumidifier 

As we have already mentioned, the places with humidity are the breeding ground for the centipedes. Using a dehumidifier in prime breeding grounds, such as basements, crawl spaces, and poorly ventilated areas, will make your home a less attractive area for centipedes. 

#2 Spray Vinegar 

White vinegar is another non-toxic solution for your query about how to get rid of centipedes. It is a commonly used ingredient in households and can also work as an effective way to get rid of house bugs. To use it effectively, spray it on the bugs without diluting the water to kill them. 

#3 Spray Tea Tree Or Peppermint Oil 

Another way centipedes can enter your home is through an unchecked opening. This could be a small crack, crevice, or gap around doors and windows. The best possible way to deal with this is to spray a mixture of water and peppermint oil on those openings to kill the centipedes. 

#4 Declutter and clean 

Proper cleaning standards are essential for keeping your house pest-free. Vacuum and clean areas like basements, closets, and other dark or secluded areas regularly to remove potential food sources and hiding spots for centipedes and their prey. This will ensure that your living spaces are clean and clutter-free.

#5 Boric acid 

Another way to eliminate the centipedes is by applying boric acid on their hideouts, entry points like small cracks, etc. This will create a barrier that may damage the exoskeletons of the pests. Boric acid is one of the least toxic acids but can cause fatal damage to centipedes by dehydrating them to death. 

#6 Diatomaceous Earth And Insecticide Sprays 

Sprinkle food-grade diatomaceous earth or choose a pesticide spray that lists centipedes on the label to target areas as you would with boric acid. If you are using a pesticide, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to apply it to infested areas. The microscopic particles in this nontoxic substance will penetrate centipede exoskeletons and will kill centipedes on contact.

#7 Sticky Traps 

Another method of – how to get rid of centipedes is using sticky traps. You can place glue traps in areas prone to centipede infestations, such as dark basements, small cracks, and other openings. When centipedes crawl onto these sticky surfaces, their long legs become trapped in place and will probably die due to a lack of food supply.

#8 Professional Solutions For Centipede Infestations 

Pest control services are convenient for a severe infestation. Trained exterminators have the knowledge and tools to address centipede problems and other household pests. The best pest control company here offers some of the best quality services to make your home centipede-free. Their team of experts has extensive years of experience in pest control services. 

Trust Maple Pest Control To Get Rid Of Centipedes

Are you fed up with pest infestations at your home? We at Maple Pest Control can help you in getting rid of them.  Our team of experts is well-trained in pest control services and has years of experience helping people get rid of pest infestations. We only use high-quality pesticides and insecticides that align with the latest techniques and eco-friendly methods.

Schedule a call today, and free yourself from the trouble of centipede infestations and you can also consult us for other pest control services.

  • April 8, 2024
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