Why Do Ants Invade Your Home? Top Three Reasons

Why Do Ants Invade Your Home?Ants are one of the commonly available pests inside or outside your home. Mostly, the ants come into notice in the warmer months because it is the right time when they gather the food items while in the rainy and winter seasons they stay hidden.

Often when you find ants in your home, you get scared and want the professionals to get rid of this issue soon. But, before you could get the ants in your home, you should inspect and take care of all items that attract the ants.

Top 3 sources that invite ants into your home.

  • Sugar And Uncover Food: Whether you have covered or not but where there is sugar, ants will be found around it obviously. Ants love to eat sugar and sweet items like candy, honey, jelly, etc. Sometimes your uncovered food items get the attack of ants. So, make sure to keep your food in an airtight container.
  • Moisture Or Water: Ants not only drink water, but they gather it for their future use. Do you ever notice the ants around the drainage disposal leakage? If yes, you should inspect your water disposal sources and remove them. On the other side, the moisture places like cracks in your home wall, roof leaks can become the living area of ants if you don’t repair it.
  • Flower And Plants: Not every ant species, but most of the ants get attracted to the flowers due to their sweet fragrance. Moreover, ants take plants as a source of moisture, food, and shelter. There are some types of ants having some colonies under the soil of the plant’s root. Make sure to check the plants and flowers to keep away from ants. Keep your home and your food items safe from unwanted ants. In case, your home has been invaded by ants, hire ant exterminators at Maple Pest Control. We have a team of licensed experts well-versed with eco-friendly products for pest removal.
  • September 13, 2018
  • | Categories: Ant
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