Get Rid of Ants Control in Woodbridge and Thornhill

Get Rid of Ants Control in Woodbridge and Thornhill

As summer approaches, it brings along unwanted and annoying pests that disturb your life. And one of the most annoying ones is the Ant. Ants season lasts from March to August. There are nearly 100 different species of ants. The most common species found in Toronto and the GTA are Carpenter Ants, Pavement ants, and European ants. They are all big troublemakers.

Carpenter Ants get into your house, especially where they find wood, and can be very damaging. They can’t be killed with common sprays. it’s not difficult to recognize a pervasion: You’ll notice traces of pests in zones where food is found and see dust where they eat up the wood.

In the case of Pavement Ants, they are mostly in search of food and water resources which they can easily find at your home. They can contaminate your food as well.

How Can You Tell If You Have a Pavement Ants Infestation?

Although most pavement ants prefer to stay outside, you’ll often find them inside in the winter when they’re hunting for food or warmth. Look for the following symptoms to determine if they have an infestation:

Swarming insects are a huge group of insects moving in the same direction. This happens when they are migrating to a new colony within your home or fighting another pavement ant colony.

It’s probable that a dark brown or black ant is nesting nearby if you discover one in your home on a frequent basis, especially in the kitchen. These are the trails left behind by pavement ants in search of food. Pavement ant will leave an ant dump, which consists primarily of dirt, small shards of concrete or mortar, and trash pushed out as they construct their nest.

European Ant can be found near plants, as they are attracted to them, so you will find them either on lawn or garden if you have one.

Many pests react differently to various pesticides. Pest control experts can identify insect types by following the house, tracking down sovereignty, and determining the best treatment. “You need to get in touch with a knowledgeable Pest Control Company if you see lots of insects all the time. Take everything into account when you see more Ant roaming around every day.

Maple Pest Control is a local pest control service provider dedicated to providing long-term, world-class Ant services to Toronto and GTA residents. We practice the latest techniques, equipment, and products to ensure your property remains Anti-free for years to come. If you suspect a pest has invaded your property, please contact us for an immediate inspection.

  • April 13, 2021
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