3 Easy Tips To Keep Away The Squirrels From Your Home

3 Easy Tips To Keep Away The Squirrels From Your HomeUndoubtedly, squirrels are the nuisance for your garden. They not only attack bird feeders but also create troubles for home-owner. Generally, the homes designed with chimneys and having garden area increases the risk of squirrels. Through chimney or attics, the squirrels can easily enter your home and attack in your kitchen, clothing and your home belongings. In order to keep your belongings safe, you have to keep away the squirrels. Here are 3 easy tips to make sure squirrels stay away from your home.

Take Help Of Your Pets

Your pets can help you in removing the unwanted pests from your home. As we all know, the dogs and cats don’t like the other pest around them. If they detect any squirrel, rodent or other pests in your home, they instantly become active to key away from the pests. You can leave freely to your pets in the garden or where you expect the squirrels.

Home Remedies

Squirrels don’t like the spicy taste at all. If you find the squirrels around your property, you can sprinkle the black pepper or cayenne pepper. When squirrels taste it, they will not come back around your property. On the other side, the squirrels also hate the minty flavor items. If you consider planting the mint, it can keep the squirrels at the bay.

Chimney Cap

The chimneys at your home are the gateway for squirrels. So, you need to use the chimney cap. Another thing, you can use the metal made net to cover the chimney or attics. Thus, it will stay airy, keep smoke out and get rid of squirrels.

In case you are not getting a good result with these tricks then call Maple Pest Control. We are the local pest exterminator in GTA specialize in using the Eco-friendly products to control and remove the pests.

  • October 30, 2018
  • | Categories: Flies
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