How to Choose a Pest Control Company

How to Choose a Pest Control Company

What Does a Professional Pest Control Company Imply?

Pest control takes training and skill. While most people run in the opposite direction of bugs, professional pest exterminators charge into crawlspaces and attics in search of the little critters.
That’s why it’s very important to find the right people when you are facing an infestation problem.The ones with the right knowledge and equipment to end your living nightmares.
1. Time and money: Every professional knows that, before you picked up the phone to call them, you tried to remove the pests yourself. By then, you are frustrated and annoyed, so you want a good and fast job at an affordable price, if possible.
2. Safety practices: You obviously do not want you family to be harmed by the pest treatment, so the professionals will always try to avoid using chemicals. Some jobs, however, need exactly that and the specialists will use those with caution and precision. These technicians have the means to apply the right techniques for the right jobs.
3. Professionalism: No craft should be allowed to get stale and pest control is no exception – new pest control products and practices are constantly developed and improved. Unfortunately, pests get smarter over time as well. But a true professional always keeps up to date with the news and innovation in their field.
4. Distinguishing between good and bad pests: If you own a garden and rely heavily on natural pest control, you would probably want to keep the helpful spiders and ladybugs alive, while letting the professionals treat your mouse problem, for example. An experienced pro knows how to treat the unwanted pests and keep the helpful ones alive.
5. Satisfaction guarantee: The professional pest exterminator is well aware that a client does not just want a home free of pests, but also a guarantee that pests will not visit said client anytime soon (or ever again, if possible). That’s why, only opt for pros who know what they’re doing to guarantee yourself a pest-free life.

How to Choose a Pest Control Company Website

Once you get online and use any of the popular search engines to look up a professional pest control company, you should pay attention to the following main points.
1. Is the company licensed?
Being licensed means not only that they have permission to offer pest control services, but also that their employees are specially trained, their products and equipment – tested, and that the latter are regularly inspected.
2. Is the company affiliated with an organisation?
If they are, you would know right away. Companies like to brag about being members of anything. They place a big stamp on their website, where it could be seen immediately. It’s not an easy task to be accepted as member of these organisations. Thus, the seal suggests that they were thoroughly checked and estimated to be a professional service provider on a national level. The fact that a company chooses to affiliate itself with a professional association is evidence enough that they are concerned with bringing quality to their work.
3. Does the company offer the service you need?
Not all pest control companies are able to fight off your particular kind of pest. Before you look for that, make sure you know what you’re dealing with. The website should have a list of all the services they’re qualified to offer.
4. Does this particular company have good reviews?
You might need to go to another website, like yelp or gumtree, to see if people are satisfied with their work. Unlike with other home services, like cleaning, pest control cannot deliver results that are simply “good enough”. It’s either “yes, they treated the problem”, or “no, the problem is still present”. This is a case where you should count on other customers’ testimonials.
5. Does the company offer insurance?
This should be written on their website. In fact, it’s usually the first thing you see in the list of benefits. You probably wouldn’t know what kind of insurance exactly. So, make sure to ask the salesperson once you make the call. To be more specific, you need to know whether they offer insurance for accidental pollution of your home. And if so, what’s the compensation they can provide in case something goes wrong.
6. Does the company offer satisfaction guarantee?
This usually has different shades of meaning, depending on the company. Thus, you shouldn’t go too deep into this subject. Truth be told, the best conclusion you can draw from it is this – if a company offers satisfaction guarantee, then you can rest assured knowing that they will deliver quality work. Steer away from companies that have not backed up their skills with these two words on their website.

Is the company willing to discuss the treatment with you?

This is mandatory. Every infestation is different, which is why a good company knows they need a personalized approach to all its customers. If an exterminator is not willing to tell you what exactly he is going to do, it’s usually a sign of shady business practices.

How to Book a Pest Control Company

Once you pick up the phone and start booking your service, the whole process should go as follows.

1. Phone call: Once you dial the number and call your chosen company’s sales representative, you will be asked a few questions about the condition of your property and the type of infestation. Make sure to share as much information as possible, even if you are not sure what kind of crawlers have made your home theirs.
2. Inspection: No matter if you know what has been pestering you or not, a certified exterminator will pay your home a visit to see what they’ll be dealing with, as well as assess the severity of your case. Your end price will then be calculated and you will learn what your service will entail.
3. Guarantee: Depending on the type of infestation, you may be guaranteed a pest-free home for a period ranging from 3 months to 20 years. This isn’t something that depends on the company, but on the bugs or crawlers that have invaded your home. You will also be made aware of certain precautionary measures to extend this period even further.

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