Many mice have emerged from hiding places, and humans have always been attracted to their delicate fur and dark eyes. However, they can become uninvited guests in buildings and start to spread their wings, eating everything from wood to paper to soft plastics. They can also cause electrical fires and damage office equipment by chewing…

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Cockroaches have long been the subject of urban legends due to their extraordinary capacity to withstand even the most extreme environments, and with good reason. But, unfortunately, these pests aren’t your typical intruders, and it frequently seems as if no matter what you do to get rid of them, they won’t go away. Cockroach infestations…

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The gypsy moth is a pest that can cause a lot of damage. Their ability to move by connecting with different objects gave them their name. They appear in late July or early August. Males are brown and can fly and breed with different females for almost a week. Females are larger, whitish, and have…

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