Do bed bugs come from a dirty house?

Bed bugs are parasites, meaning they can’t live without consuming the blood of another living species. Bed bugs, to be more specific, feed on blood. They can eat other animals if required, but they prefer human blood over other forms of nutrition. Bed bugs have evolved the capacity to detect environmental signs that indicate the presence of people during many years of evolution. They can detect human body heat, carbon dioxide, and other compounds that are naturally produced by our bodies. Despite the fact that bed bugs do not dwell on or in our bodies, they must be close to us at all times in order to eat. This is why bed bugs thrive in bedrooms, living rooms, and other places where people spend a lot of time.

Where do Bed Bugs Come from?

Accidentally bringing bed bugs inside your body or baggage is the quickest method to establish an infestation. Bed bugs can survive in the same environments as most animals and flourish in densely populated areas. It’s not unusual to find them in public places such as bus stops, hotels, schools, and public transit. Because of their small size, if one slips inside your luggage or attaches itself to your clothing, you are unlikely to notice it. Bed bugs may also enter on their own if they are in need of refuge, especially during the winter. To keep them out, seal any cracks in your home as soon as possible, and remember to keep your windows and screens closed correctly. Unfortunately, you or your family may bring them home from work or school unintentionally, and pets may pick them up in the yard.

Advice to Keep them Away

While keeping your house orderly will not prevent you from getting bed bugs into your home, it will allow you to notice bed bugs before the infestation grows too significant. Bed bugs prefer dark, secluded areas to hide in. Any crack or crevice in your home might be a bed bug’s hiding place. They don’t just reside in beds and bedroom furniture; they may also be found in electronics, wooden furniture, toys, and decorations. As a result, if you bring second-hand furniture into your home, you must be cautious about bed bugs. The more clutter and disorder you have in your house, the more hiding places bed bugs will have. If they’re concealed, you won’t see them until the infestation has become too huge to handle without help. Bed bugs will not be attracted to a cluttered, filthy environment. The presence of an infestation does not imply that your home is unsanitary. Mess and dirt, on the other hand, might make it difficult to identify bugs. Keeping your home clean and orderly can make dealing with bed bugs much easier if they do appear.

  • October 4, 2022
  • | Categories: Bed Bug
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